Six rules for saving money in bathroom decoration

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The cost of bathroom decoration is the largest part of home decoration, and a few small square meters will cost at least 35000. How can we save money and achieve good results when decorating the bathroom? Then let's know what can and shouldn't be saved

I. no province inside the wall and no province outside the wall

the wires and water pipes buried in the wall should be of good quality that meets the national standards. The wires should be sleeved, and the water pipes are recommended to use the ceiling

second, the water pipe goes to the ground

in case of problems, it is easy to overhaul and the loss is relatively serious! It will also leak water downstairs, seriously affecting the harmonious neighborhood relationship

III. the water pipe runs in the ceiling

in case of water leakage, it is easy to find. Because the characteristic of water is that it flows downward, the leaking part can be found out in time, and the top can be removed, which is more convenient for maintenance and less loss

IV. learn more about products

due to the variety of sanitary products, the price varies greatly from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, so you can find some experts to help you choose economical, beautiful and durable sanitary ware. Or go to the market to have a look, learn more, and then buy products suitable for you

v. the floor is not saved, and the facade is saved.

people have the longest contact with the ground, and generally do not have direct contact with the wall, so the selection of ground materials should pay attention to quality, and the ground is recommended to be waterproof! The floor tiles in the bathroom can choose brand products. The wall tiles can be of general brands. Since the ground has only one side and the facade has four sides, the money saved in this way is not small. In addition, the tile, waist line and top line can decide whether to save or not according to your own needs. Generally, these are decorative

VI. the switch is not saved, and the socket is saved.

the brand you bought when selecting the switch can be ordinary brand. The reason is that the use frequency of the switch is high, and the requirements for quality are also high, and the switch is generally installed in a prominent position, requiring excellent decorative effect. The socket is generally used at a low frequency, and the electric water heater will not be unplugged after being plugged in. In addition, the socket is usually installed in a concealed position, so there is no high requirement for decoration. This article can also be applied to the decoration of the whole home. Because the number of switches in the whole house is generally only a few, and the number of sockets is often dozens, which can greatly save expenses

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