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Nowadays, building brands and expanding brand awareness has become an important step in the strategic planning of enterprise development. When consumers choose a brand, they are not only interested in products, but also brand effect. In order to stand out in the fierce market competition, aluminum door and window hardware enterprises must create a "brand economy" and lead the development of enterprises with brand influence

brand building is not a day's work. If aluminum door and window hardware enterprises want to build a brand, in essence, they still need to influence the first-time users through a product, so as to establish brand awareness, and then further promote the sales of aluminum door and window hardware products through the diffusion of brand awareness. In recent years, China's aluminum door and window hardware brands have been improved to a certain extent, but they are still in the stage of quality improvement. From products to brands, aluminum door and window hardware enterprises also need to actively improve their strength, work hard on the quality of their products, and combine various innovative reforms to improve the comprehensive strength of aluminum door and window five gold enterprises, so as to achieve the goal of becoming bigger and stronger

innovation is a unique cognitive and practical ability of people, and it is an inexhaustible driving force to promote national progress and social development. In the context of industrial transformation and upgrading, the reform of aluminum door and window hardware industry is also accelerating. At this time, aluminum door and window hardware enterprises should give full play to their subjective initiative and actively innovate, mainly including technological innovation and business model innovation. Technological innovation can effectively enhance the market competitiveness of aluminum door and window hardware products and distinguish them from other products in the market. The innovation of business model can inject new vitality into aluminum door and window hardware enterprises. It is not difficult to find that international well-known enterprises are quite experienced when talking about innovation. The reason is that they tirelessly pursue all kinds of innovations in line with the development of enterprises, from design, R & D to management, operation, marketing, finance, recruitment, personnel training, etc., and are pursuing better results through innovation. And this kind of serious attitude, from top to bottom, from the top of the company to the front-line employees will be full of enthusiasm

for a successful enterprise, it is not enough to accumulate tangible assets. For most aluminum door and window hardware enterprises in China, the importance of intangible assets needs to be improved! What is intangible assets? The so-called intangible assets refer to identifiable non monetary assets without physical form owned or controlled by enterprises. We call patents, trademark rights and commercial resources as intangible assets. In addition to high-quality products and novel creative ideas, the successful creation of an aluminum door and window hardware brand also needs strong resources and culture to support

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