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noise pollution is very harmful to human body, and it is also very harmful to human physical and mental health

ordinary silent window www.dgkadi It can only isolate a small part of the noise, but it is difficult to isolate the car noise on the road, especially the low-frequency noise buzzing on the road, the sound that is not very loud but extremely uncomfortable Therefore, consumers need a good mute effect. In order to ensure the normal life, work and rest of consumption, they must choose a window with good mute effect

then, what is the best home decoration door and window with silent windows

it is Cartier 65 broken bridge silent window, which is deeply loved and pursued by the majority of consumers. At the same time, it has always enjoyed the reputation of "silent window"

Carty 65 bridge cutoff mute window is an energy-saving and environment-friendly mute product. It mainly adopts hollow mute glass, Tylenol adhesive strip, and EPDM adhesive strip for anti-collision adhesive. Its structure is carefully designed, with tight joints and beautiful shape

test results: the air sound insulation capacity is 30-40db mute, and the mute performance reaches the national standard level

65 bridge breaking sound insulation performance: level 3-6 {32-45db (gbt8485-2008)}

Carty safety home decoration doors and windows have won the "top ten brands of home decoration doors and windows" for five consecutive years. Villa sunshine house customization and high-end sunshine house customization manufacturers are sincerely looking for aluminum alloy home decoration doors and windows from all over the world to join agents, Zhuhai aluminum alloy home decoration doors and windows, and which home decoration doors and windows are available in Shantou www.dgkadi Com brand

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