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The traditional Chinese space is full of Oriental aesthetic charm and fascinating. But for modern life, it is relatively simple and boring, which often makes people feel that their emotions are suppressed, and the characteristics of being too stable often make people feel not relaxed enough. In fact, there are also ways to keep Chinese interest and aesthetics and make life slow, bright and relaxed

owner's file:

case address: Poly Huadu decoration company: Decoration bidding, decoration map construction area: 140 ㎡ (practical area: 130 ㎡) decoration style: American Chinese mixed decoration budget: 140000 yuan (excluding main materials) actual cost: 170000 yuan (excluding main materials)

materials: Mona Lisa floor tiles, nature flooring, Yabu stairs, German Dufang latex paint, wooden door ginkgo, European cabinet, sink Ou Lin Design concept:

although there are many elements coexisting, it does not mean that there is chaos. The key to the success of mixing and matching is to determine a "tone". With this style as the main line and other styles as decorations, it can be divided into light and heavy, primary and secondary. The keynote of this case is Chinese style, mixed with American style

effect drawing of the living room full of American flavor (Figure)

"mix and match" does not mean chaos. Putting things with different styles and materials together can have thousands of permutations and combinations, which really takes into account the aesthetics and patience of each host

American style living room sofa and chess. The floor tiles in the living room are artistic collage floor tiles, classical mirrors full of warmth, and sofa cushions with Chinese characteristics, which make you look very close

the side of the sofa in the living room (Figure)

the leather sofa and the imperial concubine chair in the whole living room are consistent with each other. The whole floor tile is made of Nobel Cezanne art floor tile, which is full of avant-garde artistic sense, and fashion brings some warm retro feeling

the background wall of the sofa in the living room adopts pictures with Chinese classical style, some of which are like Chinese classical paintings in movies, but such a classical style is integrated with American fashion style, which is not abrupt at all

table lamp with American style (Figure)

lamps full of American style are exquisite in workmanship, which are refreshing and full of praise from both appearance design and workmanship, especially the design under lamps is full of fashionable artistic sense





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