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On May 6th, 2017, witnessed by Wuhan Architectural Decoration Association, Wuhan media and owners, China environmental protection and decoration industry alliance (Wuhan Station) was established. The alliance was initiated by Wuhan architectural decoration association and led by Wuhan well-known decoration enterprise Aohua decoration, and jointly established by nearly 100 enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the decoration industry. Its main members include: Germany pinhe, Germany belang, Switzerland sika, AIA, tulip and other well-known brands at home and abroad. The alliance implemented a strict environmental protection access mechanism and set up an environmental protection packaging fund with an investment of 3million. At the same time, in order to popularize environmental protection decoration, the alliance will open a number of environmental protection decoration demonstration bases in the central urban area of Wuhan for the general public to visit and study in the next three years. The first demonstration base will be located in the golden crown building on Macao Road, Hankou, and will be visited by the owners from May 10

first, refuse formaldehyde and say no to decoration pollution

research shows that people's demand for the environment has six levels, from low to high, which are water, air, sunshine, safety, health and comfort. With the development of the times, Chinese people have higher and higher levels of demand for the environment, but the current situation of the environment is disappointing. On the one hand, with the soaring outdoor pollution data PM2.5 and dust index, going out seems to be a "dangerous behavior", as if you can breathe a full stomach of haze anytime and anywhere, which is really a health killer... On the other hand, the widespread pollution phenomenon in all links of traditional decoration makes formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances latent indoors for a long time, posing a threat to the health of your family

outdoor haze and indoor formaldehyde are two killers that seriously endanger our health and well-being. Unlike haze, formaldehyde, although terrible, is not impossible to prevent and eliminate. Regrettably, due to the lack of environmental awareness and sense of responsibility, today, with the rapid progress of environmental protection technology and materials, there is still a large number of non environmental protection main materials (artificial boards with excessive formaldehyde content, paints, latex paints, etc.) in the decoration industry, which has become the culprit of decoration pollution

refuse formaldehyde pollution, starting with the full use of formaldehyde free materials. Based on this understanding, China environmental protection packaging industry alliance was established

alliance enterprises jointly say no to "low price, high pollution decoration"! Through the integration of the industrial chain, we will comprehensively improve the environmental protection level of the industry, popularize the use of formaldehyde free materials, create a whole process pollution-free decoration, and provide consumers with a more comfortable and safe home

II. Release of implementation standards for environmental protection packaging

environmental protection is not a new topic. In recent years, with the continuous research and development of aldehyde free products by world-renowned material brand manufacturers, the environmental protection performance of materials has been greatly improved. Therefore, the decoration industry has hardware conditions to refuse decoration pollution, but how can we implement environmental protection indicators into every detail of the decoration process? The environmental protection packaging industry alliance gives the answer

taking the establishment of the alliance as an opportunity, Aohua decoration, a member of the alliance, has contributed the material selection and construction standards they have focused on medium and high-end decoration for 24 years. This is a set of very detailed standards. Specifically: what kind of plate should be used for the door pocket base and wall base; What kind of gypsum board and what type of sound insulation cotton should be used for wall partition; What kind of waterproof materials should be selected for balcony waterproofing... 113 engineering nodes in the decoration process, and the material selection and construction standards involved in each node are detailed and marked one by one. According to this set of standards, the environmental protection of each link and material in the decoration process can be guaranteed, and the environmental protection of the decoration will be implemented

what's more valuable is that the main members of the alliance, after a year and a half of concentrated research and development, have productized this standard system. Relying on professional design teams and main material research and development teams, they have jointly launched packaged products with strict environmental standards and accepted all-round supervision from the media. This undoubtedly provides a reliable choice for the majority of decoration owners who care about environmental protection

third, the first demonstration base of environmental protection packaging was opened on May 10

in order to popularize environmental protection packaging, let more owners fully understand and enjoy the happiness brought by environmental protection packaging. In the next three years, the alliance will open a number of environmental protection decoration experience halls (demonstration bases) in the central urban area of Wuhan (Hankou, Wuchang, Hanyang) for the general public to visit and study. On May 10, the first 3000 square meter environmental protection decoration experience hall landed at the golden crown building on Macao Road, Hankou. The experience hall is decorated in strict accordance with the Executive Standards of environmental protection and decoration issued by the alliance, and the material selection and construction of modeling base, background wall base, door pocket base, partition wall and ceiling have reached the industry-leading level

all materials in the museum are first-line star products of brands in the alliance, which are environmentally friendly and reliable. The selected wardrobe, cabinet, wooden door, floor and other products all use E0 grade environmental protection base materials. The selected soft decoration and children's room furniture all meet the food grade standard, and the selected sanitary ware all meet the antibacterial ceramic standard...

during the opening of the experience Hall, the six style environmental protection model houses jointly developed by the alliance enterprises, led by Australian Chinese decoration, will also meet with the owner's friends in advance. It is understood that these six style model houses are designed by Aohua decoration. According to the house type characteristics of 84 key buildings in Wuhan and the needs of the owners, it organizes elite design teams to collectively develop and build them according to the Executive Standards of environmental protection decoration. At that time, the owners only need to select the model houses they like and check the products they need to enjoy high-quality environmental protection decoration

at the same time, the alliance enterprises also jointly invested 3million to establish an environmental protection packaging fund. The fund accepts the supervision of mainstream media such as truking traffic radio, Wuhan Evening News, Wuhan Morning Post and truking Metropolis Daily, and provides advance compensation guarantee for owners - any major material products sold in the demonstration base that find any problem of environmental protection exceeding the standard will be compensated by 10 times

attachment: Declaration of environmental protection packaging industry alliance

reject formaldehyde hazards! Start with me

everywhere you can't see,

we make sure to use the most environmentally friendly materials

-- only aldehyde free OSB board is used for decoration foundation engineering board

-- only latex paint certified by European environmental protection grade is used on the wall and top surface (VOC tends to zero)

-- partition walls and ceilings only use gypsum boards that can decompose formaldehyde

-- only zero formaldehyde flexible waterproof materials are used for waterproofing of toilets and balconies

we are jointly supervised by the owners and the media

the material is not environmentally friendly, 10 times the compensation





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