Seven guesses about the decoration trend in autumn

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Seven conjectures about autumn decoration trend in good season

conjecture 1: popular style: simple and natural

the popular trend of home decoration this autumn has gradually changed from the bright Southeast Asian style to the simple North American style. People increasingly like "mixed oil" decoration, because the "mixed oil" decoration with North American style is fresh and bright, making the room appear transparent and broad, and the mixed oil color is rich, Indoor colors can be arranged at will. For consumers, this kind of decoration can also greatly reduce the cost and be economical

natural materials have gradually become a favorite. Among them, the logs have no gorgeous colors, not too much decoration, and the materials are of natural color, which is really a healthy fashion choice

guess 2: outdoor panels are "internalized"

a trend of naturalism has always dominated the trend of home decoration. People hope to enjoy the fun of being in an idyllic place in their own homes, and many outdoor panels have begun to be internalized. The outdoor anti-corrosion floor is paved on the balcony, and the sauna board is used as the ceiling of the bathroom, which is paved on the floor of the bathroom, making the bathroom that was originally paved with floor tiles look cold and stiff. Surrounded by the wooden floor that was originally only used for sauna, the bathers seem to be in the countryside

guess 3: the color of laminate floor is gorgeous

in the impression, the floor is the background of home, and it should not jump out to steal the spotlight. Moreover, the colors we can choose in the floor are extremely limited, nothing more than beech yellow and walnut black. However, with the development of laminate flooring, more and more colors and textures that do not exist in trees, such as blue, gray, and parquet patterns, make the floor jump out of the background, providing more possibilities for a better home

the popular fashion of laminate flooring this autumn has got rid of people's impression of wood flooring in the past. Imitating other materials, boldly choosing colors and splicing patterns have made laminate flooring give full play to its greatest advantages and characteristics and develop in a more personalized direction

guess 4: glass materials are becoming more and more popular

from the perspective of home decoration as a whole, although glass is still in a subsidiary position, it has unique advantages such as transparency, lightness and space expansion. Moreover, with the development of glass making technology, the increase of glass types and the standard of glass punching technology, glass has a great tendency to "usurp" and become the main material of home decoration

guess 5: cabinets have a unique style

the current kitchen pattern is mostly rectangular, so most of the cabinets designed by people are L-shaped and U-shaped, and the appearance of the cabinets is also a neat plane. As the open integrated kitchen is accepted by more and more fashion people, this regular style has become a little stiff, so curved, circular, triangular, and semicircular cabinets began to appear. Curvilinear and circular cabinets are only suitable for open kitchens. If this kind of kitchen is designed in a closed rectangular space, then the space is wasted and impractical

guess 6: Home Color: rich in changes

in today's world, there is no middle ground, only two poles. At one end, there are soft colors, such as pure blue and natural white, which bring a quiet feeling to life, easy to grasp and use, rich in changes and make people feel harmonious and happy. These colors are suitable for the kind of unobtrusive and comfortable lifestyle; On the other end, there are striking colors, such as charming metal texture, frivolous and naughty orange and bright pink; They are unique, shocking and full of contradictions. These tension colors are eye-catching and playful. These colors belong to the kind of ostentatious and high-profile lifestyle that seeks public attention

guess 7: lighting is more humanized

in order to facilitate consumers' purchase, the lamp accessories market is now divided into functional segments: Student lights, writing lights, emergency lights, fluorescent lights, glow lights, dinner lights, floor lamps of different heights and other new products are coming out one after another. Moreover, home lighting reflects the style of advocating nature and caters to people's psychology of returning to nature and advocating nature





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