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Liaohe Petrochemical environmental friendly rubber softener has fully passed the evaluation of Jiatong tire. On August 8, good news came from Jiatong tire Investment Co., Ltd., the largest tire manufacturer in China. After one and a half years of evaluation and evaluation, the nap environmental friendly rubber softener developed by Liaohe Petrochemical has fully passed the evaluation and approval of the company's procurement department, quality assurance department and R & D center, and has been included in the batch procurement plan due to its weak binding force

nap environmental friendly rubber softener is a high-end environmental friendly rubber oil product developed by Liaohe Petrochemical for tire and oil filled rubber manufacturers exporting to the EU in accordance with the requirements of EU environmental protection regulations during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". The environmental protection performance of the product has passed the inspection and certification of the European Cup and BIU held by the world authority sgs2016 from June 10 to July 10, and the application performance has passed the application evaluation of Beijing Rubber Research and Design Institute. After the success of industrial production in 2010, in order to promote and apply the characteristic new lubricating oil products developed in the downstream enterprises, so as to create good economic benefits for the company as soon as possible, Liaohe Petrochemical actively promoted the new products in the market while doing well in the experimental research work. After the successful application of the product in Qingdao Shuangxing [0.97% Capital Research Report] tire and making a good start that year, For many years, we have been cooperating with the marketing and marketing departments in the market development of environmental friendly rubber softeners, Liaohe Petrochemical environmental friendly rubber softener has fully passed the assessment of Jiatong tire "Innovation is the source of life for special chemical enterprises, which means that Liaohe Petrochemical nap environmental friendly rubber softener has taken a big step in market promotion and application. The fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance, showing a bright prospect for the comprehensive promotion and application of this product in tire enterprises. By the end of 2013, the sales of various environmental friendly rubber oils of the company had reached more than 13000 tons, creating good economic benefits for the company.

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