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Lianyungang: "iron hand" governs hundreds of enterprises in the chemical industry park one by one

Lianyungang: "iron hand" governs hundreds of enterprises in the chemical industry park one by one

september 30, 2018

127 chemical enterprises completed the residual material cleaning work; 157 chemical enterprises completed waste gas leakage detection and repair; The demolition of 207 small coal-fired boilers... Since this year, Lianyungang has severely cracked down on illegal acts that damage the ecological environment, resolutely shut down environmental polluting enterprises that fail to meet the standards, and dealt with the environmental pollution problems in Liangguan chemical industry park with an iron fist. 144 core layer foamed rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes for drainage

strictly implement the renovation of chemical parks

Lianyungang City, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the work plan for the renovation of chemical parks (concentrated areas) throughout the province, and in combination with the "22 uniform" and other documents for the renovation of Lianyungang Chemical Parks, further refine and quantify the monitoring platform of the chemical parks, such as the suction products and sewage discharge standards, Strictly formulate the renovation plan of Lianyungang Chemical Industry Park. According to the environmental protection requirements for the resumption of production of chemical enterprises in the coastal chemical industry park issued by the provincial environmental protection department, a notice on the implementation of the environmental protection requirements for the resumption of production of enterprises was issued in a timely manner to guide and supervise the standardized rectification of the chemical industry park and ensure the effectiveness of the rectification. With the consent of Jiangsu provincial environmental protection department and Jiangsu Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the clean-up of surplus materials of 127 chemical enterprises that have stopped production has been successfully completed, ensuring the environmental safety during the shutdown and renovation period of the park. At present, the "two irrigation" chemical industry park is carrying out comprehensive investigation and renovation in accordance with the rectification requirements of provinces and cities

do a good job in rectifying outstanding environmental problems

for a long time, Liangguan chemical industry park has had the problem of weak environmental facilities. Therefore, Lianyungang City requires Liangguan park to accelerate the construction of environmental carrying capacity of the park from the construction of environmental facilities. At present, the "two irrigation" chemical industry park has basically achieved full coverage of central heating, and 207 small coal-fired boilers have been dismantled. New chengjinyuan and Everbright hazardous waste incineration projects have been built, and the city has formed a centralized hazardous waste disposal capacity of 92900 tons/year. The sewage treatment capacity of both parks reaches 20000 tons/day. At the same time, the two irrigation parks have also completed the dredging and renovation of key river channels and the ecological "water diversion" project, promoted 157 chemical enterprises to complete the detection and repair of waste gas leakage, and the water quality of the main river channels in the park has basically reached the standard in the past three months. The coordination and mutual assistance mechanism between key waste producing enterprises and hazardous waste management units was established. The safe disposal of hazardous waste in Guanyun county and Guannan County reached 11746 tons and 19948 tons respectively, and the storage of incinerable hazardous waste in the park was significantly reduced

strengthen environmental law enforcement and supervision

since this year, Lianyungang has comprehensively strengthened the construction of environmental emergency response system in the chemical industry park. The warehousing rate of key environmental risk enterprises in the "two irrigation" chemical industry park has reached more than 90%, and 188 enterprises have completed the filing of emergency plans for environmental emergencies. We will strengthen environmental law enforcement in the chemical industry park by means of wrong time law enforcement and assault without chemical change inspection and measurement and management coordination within the materials. We carried out special law enforcement and inspection actions for the city's chemical parks and chemical enterprises, focused on the "carpet" environmental protection inspection for more than 200 chemical enterprises in the "two irrigation" chemical park, investigated and dealt with 57 enterprises violating environmental laws, and organized the rapid filing and investigation of 108 enterprises violating environmental laws assigned by the provincial task force. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the opinions on the implementation of the connection between environmental law enforcement and criminal justice, we will effectively strengthen communication and coordination with public security departments, and severely crack down on acts that damage the ecological environment

resolutely promote industrial transformation

Lianyungang City, in accordance with the requirements of Lianyungang City's "three lines and one order" pilot and the rectification plan of the feedback from the central inspection tour of Jiangsu, has formulated the "Lianyungang City chemical industry construction project environmental access control requirements and negative list (2018 version) and structural parts and other products with lightweight requirements", and further defined the city's chemical construction project restrictions, prohibited categories and access conditions. At the same time, Lianyungang City has also promoted the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry. In strict accordance with the renovation plan of provincial and municipal chemical parks and the requirements of the provincial environmental protection department for the resumption of production and environmental protection of chemical enterprises, Lianyungang City has promoted the comprehensive shutdown and renovation of chemical parks. Chemical enterprises that fail to meet the safety and environmental protection production conditions are resolutely not allowed to resume production, forcing chemical enterprises to transform, upgrade and develop. Promote the "reduction" of chemical enterprises, carry out in-depth special actions such as "four batches" and "263" reduction of chemical enterprises, ban and close chemical enterprises with prominent environmental problems, hopeless rectification and treatment and serious environmental violations in the chemical park according to law, and greatly reduce the number of chemical enterprises. The governments of Guanyun county and Guannan County shut down 65 chemical enterprises, of which 24 were closed down

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