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Liangshan publishing and printing industry joined hands with Shenzhen printing society on the afternoon of May 12, Liangshan County and Shenzhen printing society held a grand project docking seminar in Shuibo hotel. At the meeting, Liangshan Economic Development Zone, Shandong jinbangyuan cultural media group Tiancheng Education Group has signed project cooperation agreements with Shenzhen printing society. Dr. Deakin explained: "If graphene is used to reinforce plastics.

at the invitation of Liangshan County, a delegation from the Shenzhen printing society came to Liangshan on May to investigate the publishing and printing project. More than 10 printing enterprise heads, including yanjingxing Industry Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Shenzhen International Color Printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baofeng Printing Co., Ltd., successively went to jinbangyuan culture and media group, new world printing, new coordinate books, Tiancheng education group and other enterprises for on-the-spot docking Observe, listen to the introduction of the enterprise, and communicate with the person in charge of the enterprise

since last year, in the face of the impact of the national new policy for teaching assistance, publishing enterprises in Liangshan county have taken the initiative to adapt to changes in policies and market environment, and actively contacted major publishing and printing companies outside the province to negotiate cooperation matters. In April this year, Hubei Xinhua Bookstore (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shandong Shuihu Book Industry Co., Ltd. conducted merger and acquisition cooperation to establish ESC, a new Shandong Yangtze River Shuihu culture media Co., Ltd. under the simultaneous action of stress, tension and environment. This is the first successful example of joint venture and reorganization of large state-owned listed companies and private publishing enterprises. In addition, Several domestic listed publishing companies are also cooperating with Thomas swan, general manager Harry swan, to point out: "This achievement represents the progress of Thomas swan in the field of advanced materials. Several large enterprises in our county have approached and discussed cooperation issues.

in recent years, Liangshan private book industry has developed rapidly. Liangshan publishing and printing book industry park and Shandong jinbangyuan social science student reading R & D base have been included in the development plan of key cultural industries in Shandong Province during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and have been rated as key cultural parks and key cultural projects in Shandong Province. Liangshan The printing book industry park was rated as one of the top ten cultural industry parks in Shandong Province, Shandong jinbangyuan book industry company was rated as one of the top ten cultural enterprises in Shandong Province, and four book companies were rated as one of the top ten private book companies by Shandong Publishing Bureau. Five enterprises were rated as key cultural demonstration bases in Jining City. With the logistics park of the high tech Zone as the link, up to now, the county has 27 private book companies, 25 printing enterprises, jinbangyuan group and Tiancheng book company have the national general distribution qualification, and 13 have the national second-class book wholesale qualification, making it the county or city with the largest number of enterprises with this qualification in China. There are more than 60 series of brands, covering more than 6000 single products, and the annual sales of code ocean has exceeded 8billion yuan. Liangshan college entrance examination teaching aid accounts for 30% of the national college entrance examination teaching aid. The annual printing capacity of the private book industry has exceeded 1million reams of paper, with more than 30000 employees

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