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Lian Weiliang: promoting the reorganization of coal enterprises to expand a number of large coal enterprises Lian Weiliang: promoting the reorganization of coal enterprises to expand a number of large coal enterprises Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said at the 2016 national coal trade fair on the 3rd that in the first 10 months of this year, the profits of Coal Enterprises above Designated Size nationwide fell by 62% year-on-year, The state-owned coal enterprises as a whole turned from a profit of 30billion yuan last year to a loss of 22.3 billion yuan, and the downward pressure on the industry is still large. At present, efforts should be made to promote the integration, merger and reorganization of coal enterprises, encourage large-scale coal enterprises to merge and reorganize small and medium-sized coal mines with the pointer pointing to zero, and expand a number of large-scale coal enterprise groups

Lian Weiliang said that in the first 10 months of this year, China's coal output was 3.05 billion tons, a year-on-year decrease of 120 million tons, or 3.6%; At the same time, the import of coal was 170million tons, a decrease of 70million tons or 30%. Affected by the sharp drop in demand, the rigid expectation caused by the fact that the social coal storage has exceeded 300million tons for 45 consecutive months, the contradiction between supply and demand in the coal market is still prominent, and the business difficulties of enterprises continue to intensify. At present, the market price of 5500 kcal thermal coal in Qinhuangdao port is 370 yuan/ton, a decrease of 155 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the year. If the freight increase is taken into account, the actual coal price will fall more. At present, enterprise accounts receivable are still increasing, financing is more difficult, capital operation is tight, the reduction of unpaid wages and social insurance are rising, and the downward pressure on the industry is still large

Lian Weiliang pointed out that at present, further research and improvement of relevant measures for coal difficulty relief are being carried out around resolving overcapacity, improving the relationship between supply and demand, strengthening supervision according to law, promoting fair competition, preventing social risks, promoting enterprise restructuring and financial support. Take the coal industry as the focus of cost reduction and efficiency increase, focus on the implementation of relevant policies and measures to get rid of difficulties, and strive to solve the outstanding contradictions in the journey of transporting or carrying goods, so as to promote the healthy and stable operation of the coal industry

"zero or low-speed growth of coal consumption does not mean that the coal industry has no room for development. The key lies in the determination to adjust and transform." Lian Weiliang pointed out that at present, efforts are being made to promote structural adjustment in four aspects. First, adjust to the direction of integration, merger and reorganization. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, coal development will "strictly control the increment and optimize the stock", guide resource exhausted enterprises, backward production capacity and low-quality coal production capacity to exit in an orderly manner, strictly control the total amount of new production capacity, and pay for the structural new production capacity. We should accelerate the closure, elimination, merger and reorganization of small coal mines, summarize and promote the effective experience of some industries in some regions, encourage large coal enterprises to merge and reorganize small and medium-sized coal mines, expand a number of large coal enterprise groups, further improve the standards for running mines, and promote the industrial structure towards the middle and high end. The second is to adjust and develop in the direction of upstream and downstream, especially the integration of coal and electricity. On the basis of the successful implementation of the power coal market-oriented reform, power generation enterprises and coal mines should be encouraged to truly realize the integration of coal and electricity through holding or participating in shares, reduce the cyclical and large fluctuations in coal prices, and promote the healthy development of the coal and power industries. The third is the transformation and development to clean utilization of coal and renewable energy. Strictly restrict the production and use of high sulfur, high ash and low-quality coal. For undeveloped high sulfur and high ash coal, the approval of coal mine projects shall be suspended, the construction of those that have been approved shall be suspended, the scale of those under construction shall be reduced, and the production of those that have been put into operation shall be reduced. They shall be sold nearby and shall not be transported over long distances. Taking advantage of the advantages of large power consumption and stable load in coal mines, and with the gradual increase in the demand for environmental experimental equipment in power, communication, coal mining, aviation, quality inspection, scientific research, universities and other industries, using the abandoned industrial square and its surrounding areas to develop wind power and photovoltaic power generation can not only make full use of land resources, but also effectively reduce the power cost. For the coal mines to be closed in the next step, the development of clean energy can be considered as the key direction of their transformation and development. Fourth, the transformation and adjustment to the deep processing of coal

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