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Liansu dived to lower the PVC futures price callback

[futures observation] today, Liansu's main 1201 contract opened flat in the morning, sorted out the intraday futures price range, plunged deeply in the afternoon, and fell sharply in the late afternoon. It opened 11080, with a maximum of 11145 and a minimum of 10600, and closed at 10760. The settlement price was 10925, down 3.32%

pvc main 1201 contract continued to open flat in the morning and fluctuated in a narrow range. The price plunged near the end of the day and ended down. The intraday position increased slightly. The opening price was 7985, the highest was 8005, the lowest was 7810, the closing price was 7880, and the settlement price was 7930, down 1.19%

fundamental analysis

in terms of China Plastics index, as of 15:00 on August 16, China Plastics price index was at 1041.4 points, down 3.10 points, China Plastics warehouse receipt index was at 975.35 points, down 0.11 points, and China Plastics spot index was at 1233.84 points, up 0.17 points

the main capital of N on Monday was the life of ymex-september. Although generally speaking, crude oil futures closed up $2.50 to close at $87.88 per barrel, or 2.93%. London September Brent crude oil futures closed up $1.88 to close at $109.91 a barrel, or 1.74%

the closing price of Asian ethylene market was the same as the day before yesterday, and CFR Northeast Asia reported USD/ton; CFR Southeast Asia News 1170 5 dollars/ton

lldpe spot, the market price in Yuyao is generally higher, some goods are less, and the transaction is average

pvc spot goods: the Hangzhou market continued to consolidate, with merchants mainly shipping goods, and the low price transaction was acceptable. At present, the self delivery of type 5 ordinary electrical aggregate is RMB/ton

outlook for the future

lldpe, the overnight peripheral markets were generally good, the European and American stock markets rose again, the US dollar index continued to fall, and the crude oil also fluctuated 4 The shearing system is composed of shearing cylinder, front and rear beams, parallel rods, shearing intermediate stretching plates, upper and lower friction plates, top blocks, connecting pins and shearing cars The double acting servo cylinder is used to apply the experimental force, supported by the shear car, and the floating cylinder adjusts the vertical shear height Adjust the horizontal position of the loading device to ensure the accuracy of the shear force and improve the accuracy of the experiment The lateral shearing system consists of double acting servo cylinder, connecting rod, friction plate, shearing car, floating cylinder and guide rail upstream. However, in the atmosphere that systemic risks have not been completely eliminated, the confidence of the market to do long has been suppressed. China still takes price control as the basic tone, and does not show the expectation of "rescuing the market". The downstream is still weak except for the increase of agricultural film production, which increases its upward pressure. It is expected that Liansu will mainly focus on shock repair in the near future

pvc, the technical level data of China's universal tensile testing machine will still shake the market trend in the near future. The price focus of calcium carbide market has moved up, and the futures price has been strengthened by the cost support. However, at present, the demand for downstream enterprises is still not improved due to insufficient work, which also hinders the upward movement of spot prices. It is expected that the recent main contracts will continue to maintain a volatile pattern, with limited space below

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