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PMI of iron and steel circulation industry fell below the boom and bust line again, and the industry prosperity fell back.

PMI of iron and steel circulation industry, which represents the activity of iron and steel trade, fell below the boom and bust line again after two months of prosperity recovery. Research Institute Lange Iron and steel released that the PMI of iron and steel circulation industry in November 2012 was 45.2%, which has proved that glass fiber is the preferred replacement material after the upper and lower jaws are tensioned. It continued to fall by 5.1% in a month and returned to the contraction range

Lange Steel said that from the sub indexes, all the 10 sub indexes of the PMI survey of the steel circulation industry in November returned to the contraction range below 50%. Among them, the total order volume, purchase intention and trend judgment index continued to fall in the contraction range, indicating that the downstream demand of the market continued to weaken and the confidence of enterprises fell in the later stage; The decline of financing environment and inventory level index indicates that steel trading enterprises will again be faced with financial tension, and the inventory of enterprises will be reduced. High speed impact usually takes small mass projectiles to impact materials at a higher speed

previously, the index had been above 50% for two consecutive months, including 53.2% in September and 50.2% in October. The decline of the index now also indicates that the activity of domestic steel trade has declined again. The steel logistics professional committee of China Federation of logistics and purchasing recently released that the PMI of the steel industry in November was 49.2%, down 3.5 percentage points from the previous month

the domestic steel price began to rebound in October after it hit the lowest value since 1994 in September, which also made CISA optimistic that the steel industry is expected to turn losses this year. However, with the release of various data in October and November, the situation is not as good as expected

Lange Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. however, as the requirements for the paper industry become more and more strict, the analysis of the research center shows that the demand for steel has entered the off-season in December, and the demand for steel continues to weaken. In addition, with the withdrawal of funds from major banks at the end of the year, steel trading enterprises will once again face a tight financial situation. Most enterprises take the way of reducing inventory to avoid operational risks. The confidence of steel enterprises has dropped, indicating that the steel price will fall slightly in the later period. However, supported by the steel procurement cost, it is expected that the steel price will decline slightly in December, and there will be no significant drop

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