Is laminate floor thin or thick

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Recently, the thickness of laminate flooring has been debated in the wood flooring industry. Some enterprises believe that laminate flooring has entered "thick" modernism, so it is better to have a thicker floor

the Chinese consumers' Association has a long-standing expectation for worry free household products. A survey shows that Qingdao and Beijing rank first, Xiamen second, and Shanghai and Suzhou are tied for the third place in China's top ten environmentally friendly home decoration cities. Dongjingsheng, Deputy Secretary General of the China Consumer Association, said that in cities with relatively developed economies, the popularity of green home decoration is relatively high, but it was found that there are many phenomena of coating products "listing famous brands". "Near famous brand" products infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. At present, Nippon's "six looks" law can help consumers choose qualified products. If you buy brand paint products, you'd better buy them in the formal market; Without this condition, you should check six items online before purchasing

look at the name and address of the factory: know the manufacturer and address

look at trademarks: first check the trademarks on the brand enterprise website, and then compare them in the market. Non registered trademarks are infringement

look at the barrel body: the printing quality of the counterfeit barrel body is poor, the outline of the theme pattern is not clear, there are often printing problems such as inaccurate positioning, and the color is different from the real barrel. Counterfeit goods generally show that the barrel cover and barrel body do not match, and the barrel cover is very loose; Or there are traces of prizing; The quality of the barrel body and the end of the counterfeit goods may be different. The barrel body is older but the end is newer

look at the product identification code: repetition is suspected of counterfeiting. A unique non reproducible product identification code with 10 digits is attached to the label

look at the label: pay attention to whether there is a problem with the printing quality of the label. Fake goods will not be clear enough, with defects or traces of repeated pasting

look at the product quality: stir the paint evenly after opening the barrel, and then check the appearance. Normal products should be even and fine without caking




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