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Send decoration, materials, design, home appliances and furniture &hellip& hellip; There is a house to be decorated at home. Looking at various gifts from the decoration company, are you excited

the decoration company of the reporter's undercover provided a 698 yuan package details. According to the interpretation of the company, a 100 square meter house costs only 69800 yuan. You can not only enjoy all the items of the big bag (i.e. light auxiliary and decoration main materials), but also give a whole house of Hong Kong brand furniture worth 36800 yuan. You can move in with your bag. If you don't want furniture, you can reduce 10000 yuan in cash. When the reporter talked with the customer about this package, many owners felt excited and asked the reporter to send the company address by SMS

according to the survey, according to the current market price, a 100 square meter house needs about 30000 yuan only for light industrial accessories. So, how many mysteries are there in such an exciting decoration package

the reporter went to other companies for consultation on the grounds that his family has a 100 square meter house. At the same time, he mentioned the 698 yuan package. Insiders analyzed this and pointed out that in addition to the demolition, masonry, self leveling, ceiling double jump and other items that cannot be mentioned with the owner in the package, the 20 meter water improvement and 30 meter electricity improvement contained in light industry auxiliary materials are also very fishy. Because the wires and water pipes of the blank room are exposed in the open, the current owners will not let the wire body be exposed for the sake of beauty, so they will carry out reconstruction. It is roughly estimated that for a house of 100 square meters, the wire transformation can reach about 60 meters, at least 30 meters more. The water improvement situation depends on the pipeline situation of the house itself, which cannot be estimated. However, according to the analysis of insiders, the price of water and electricity can be increased by about 5000 yuan for a 100 square meter house according to this package

in addition, the main material originally included in the ground in the set meal is the floor. At the end of the set meal, there is a sentence: the floor is changed to floor tiles for 70 yuan per square meter, excluding the shared area. If the whole house is paved with floor tiles, the price increase of a 100 square meter house can reach about 6000 yuan. Moreover, there is no styling item in this set meal. Many owners will add shapes on the roof of the shed for the sake of beauty when decorating, and this charge will also be more than 1000 yuan

according to the rough estimation of insiders, for this package, it is normal to increase the price by about 20000 yuan after decoration

when the reporter secretly visited the decoration company as a customer, he put forward a request: for the item of changing water and electricity, please fix the price directly after the decoration company has evaluated the price, and no additional charge is allowed. Among the five decoration companies secretly visited by the reporter, only one agreed, while the other companies refused. Analysis of insiders: the cost of water and electricity is high. If the price is clearly marked, I'm afraid to scare away customers

during the undercover period of the reporter, a female customer went to the store to inquire about the 139 square meter European style decoration. In terms of the price of the big bag, manager Liu of the marketing department said: the minimum is 100000, and it depends on your specific requirements. After the customer left, manager Yu smiled and said to the designer: with her request, I calculate at least 130000. I'll give her a low price and sign the contract first

anti deception guidance: before signing the decoration package contract, you may wish to ask the business to indicate on the contract that the signed contract is the framework terms of the business. In addition, you can indicate the detailed construction methods and material names on the construction drawings, and the finer the content, the better. It must be noted that the proportion of the required funds (generally not more than 10%) is not the owner's intention to increase the project





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