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[] most home decoration consumers don't understand the market and industry. Choosing a decoration company to decorate your home is a top priority. Prices should be compared, personalities should be compared, and management mechanisms should be compared. Most consumers pay attention to prices. Because of this, the home decoration industry has fought a price war, with the emergence of tricky, false advertising, and the home decoration market is in chaos. But consumers do not get benefits from it, but are often deceived. The reason is that home decoration consumers do not understand the market and industry. Because the home decoration market and the home decoration industry are large and chaotic, consumers will be difficult to figure it out for a while. Quotation for home decoration jiazhuang6 Com

comparative quotation refers to the comparison of unit price, quantity, project, material and process. If the total price is numb, you will be cheated

1. Decoration companies whose individual price is lower than the cost price are those who play tricks; The reason is very simple. No one will do business that loses money

2. Decoration companies that deliberately omit items are also companies that play tricks. Their purpose is to reduce the total price and deceive customers

3. Decoration companies that are inaccurate in quantity and deliberately underreported are also companies that play tricks and confuse customers by reducing the total price

4. Decoration companies that do not speak independently of quoted projects and do not have detailed descriptions of materials and construction processes are also companies that play tricks. Their purpose is to add more items to the project or lay an ambush for changing and adding items. Quotation for home decoration jiazhuang6 Com

5. Nowadays, most home decoration companies do not earn service fees, but the price difference of materials with high profits, because customers can't understand the market price of materials. Quotation for home decoration www.jiazhuang6 Com

home decoration consumers should have a steelyard in mind when comparing prices, which is the cost of home decoration; This steelyard is the yardstick of the market. With this scale, you will know which home decoration companies are making huge profits and which home decoration companies are playing tricks? How to choose a home decoration company? Quotation for home decoration jiazhuang6 Com

before shopping, people usually make a price comparison of similar goods, and then decide which brand to buy. Home decoration is no exception, with large amount, various projects, diverse materials, different styles and complex processes &hellip& hellip; The quotation of home decoration is ever-changing. Without this steelyard, you can't compare it. Quotation for home decoration www.jiazhuang6 Com

not long ago, a woman surnamed Han found six decoration companies to measure and quote prices for her at the same time. The purpose is to compare prices and try to minimize the price of home decoration through this competitive way. Of course, all six decoration companies have submitted home decoration quotations. Ms. Han took these six different home decoration quotations, comparing the decoration items, the decoration quantity, the decoration unit price, the decoration materials, the decoration process description, and then the total price. However, she compared left to right, and the more she compared, the more confused she became, because the format of the six home decoration quotations was not unified, there was a gap in the number of decoration, the decoration materials were also different, the quotation of individual decoration was high and low, and the decoration remarks were also different. A few days later, Ms. Han called our company and said that she selected a decoration company two days ago. The price of this decoration company was relatively low, but in the process of entering the site for construction, this decoration company put forward many additions in the quotation. At the same time, the items on the original decoration quotation were changed back and forth, which made her unable to accept. Later, she pushed the decoration company out

it is the common thinking logic of home decoration companies to defeat rivals by lowering the quotation and win customers first (it can be seen that the decoration quotation quota is not the terminal quota of consumers). Quotation for home decoration jiazhuang6 Com

some owners also have unrealistic practices. They design and buy materials by themselves, and divide the home decoration into many small pieces. Whichever decoration company reports a cheap single item, let it be done by which decoration company. As a result, a hundred flowers bloomed, and I spent a few months without saying. As a result, the actual cost far exceeded the original decoration budget, wasted a lot of money, and finally made a mess of my home, and I couldn't find the person responsible

it can be seen that the home decoration project is a complete system project, and not everyone can act as the commander in chief. Otherwise, what designers, budgeters, supervisors and technicians are needed? If you want to save money, worry and effort, of course, you need to find the right experts to serve you. Of course, the decoration price should be compared. No matter how the quotation of home decoration changes, it will never change &mdash& mdash; Accounting for actual costs and reasonable profits is the key. You must spend money clearly





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