The dark living room can also become bright

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[] different functional areas have different meanings, such as bedroom and kitchen, which are related to people's internal organs, while the living room is like a person's face. The living room is a place for receiving guests and entertaining exchanges. How to create a gentle and relaxing atmosphere and how to make your face light is very learned. [related reading: how to decorate and design the small family living room?] The gloomy living room was gloomy when the weather changed, which caused some psychological pressure on the family. Use some reasonable design methods to achieve the purpose of developing strengths and complementing weaknesses, highlight the facade space, make the design more reasonable, and make the shady living room bright.'s preferred method is to supplement the population light source. Light sources create an intriguing sense of hierarchy in the three-dimensional space, and appropriately add some auxiliary light sources, especially fluorescent light sources, which can be mapped on the ceiling and wall, and can receive miraculous effects. In addition, you can also use spotlights on light colored paintings, which can play a better effect. Another problem of is to unify the color tone. Shady living room avoid using some dull colors. Due to the limitation of space, different color patches will destroy the overall softness and warmth. White beech veneer, maple veneer matte paint furniture, light beige soft mercerized face bricks, and light blue debugging on the wall can break through the dullness of warm color and better adjust the light without damaging the atmosphere. is to increase the activity space as much as possible. Placing realistic furniture in the hall will produce some dead corners and destroy the overall coordination of colors. It is not difficult to solve this contradiction. Appropriate furniture should be designed according to the specific situation of the living room. The wall display cabinet and TV cabinet are also customized to save every inch of space, which visually maintains a refreshing feeling and naturally looks bright. in addition, if there is a heating position in the living room, a row of display cabinets can be designed according to the wall, which can make full use of dead corners, maintain a unified tone, and open a window for displaying personal cultural taste. At the same time, it should be noted that in the ground treatment, light colored materials should be used as much as possible to avoid dark eating, which can also enhance the brightness of the living room





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