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In recent years, there has been a new marketing activity in the home furnishing industry: inviting owners to the store without introducing products or promoting sales, but teaching owners to do hand-made leather goods, carpentry, flower art, tea ceremony, etc. This activity is called "social brand marketing" or "interactive brand experience" by the industry. Social brand marketing has become a fashion marketing model, and the overall wardrobe brand Deville

why do they not rush to sell but teach people to do manual work when the sales pressure of the household industry increases in the market? What "benefits" will this marketing model bring to consumers? Is this kind of activity a marketing gimmick or a real service to consumers

owners increasingly like personalized, interesting and comfortable activities

invite famous old craftsmen to teach owners to make leather goods, learn flower art, learn tea ceremony... These novel activities have been loved by many owners. Such activities often only need to send a wechat notice, which will attract many owners to participate. Why is this activity so popular

nowadays, urbanites are more curious and like personalized and unique things. This kind of activity can just meet the needs of the owners. The form of the activity is new, and the owners will have a sense of curiosity. They can also make their own handicrafts and mark their own names in the activities, which makes this thing unique and collectable

industry veterans believe that consumers now prefer interesting activities and a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment. For example, some flagship home stores have a special area for life experience, which not only has manual activities, but also books and coffee, making people feel like they are in a public leisure space. From the previous cup of water and fruit delivery to the current leisure life experience space, the marketing mode of enterprises is no longer so direct and utilitarian, and consumers' acceptance is also higher

household brand centralization accelerates the rise of enterprise brand awareness

under the increasing sales pressure in the household industry, why don't household enterprises rush to promote products, but teach people to do handicrafts

in the view of insiders, at present, the customer acquisition cost of enterprises is increasing. Through such non utilitarian activities, consumers can experience the door-to-door leisure life, talk about life, talk about home, and naturally talk about furniture. This natural and easy way not only meets the brand communication needs of enterprises, but also brings more opportunities to marketing. Such activities should be an extension of "brand marketing", which marks the rise of brand awareness in the household industry. With the industrialization and standardization of home furnishings, coupled with the strict requirements of the state for industrial environmental protection production in recent years, the concentration of home furnishing brands has accelerated, and oligopoly brands and subdivision oligopoly brands may appear in the future. In the future, the quality of household products will be further improved. What we are fighting for is brand influence. Through such warm and sticky activities, enterprises can enable consumers to better perceive the brand connotation, understand the brand culture, and enhance the recognition of the brand

the home furnishing industry was relatively prosperous in the past two years, and the industry was in an extensive development. Now the market is not as good as the previous two years, and some brands with poor risk resistance will gradually disappear. Only brands with culture, connotation and foundation will survive in the market. Enterprises need to show their craftsmanship spirit and convey their brand culture to users through such interactive brand experience activities

household enterprises should not only provide high-quality products, but also convey an elegant lifestyle

how can such activities make consumers get real "benefits" or gain, rather than feel "routine"? How can enterprises really grasp the hearts of consumers

perhaps only the altruistic activities that are always for the sake of users can win the trust of consumers. Household enterprises should not only sell furniture, but also lead consumers to discover the meaning of life through some interesting social activities. Consumers need not only a rich material life, but also a rich spiritual life. High quality furniture products only meet the material life. Household enterprises should have such responsibilities and obligations to lead consumers to find fun in life and live vividly and gracefully. Therefore, enterprises should not be too utilitarian in doing activities. Consumers actually know who is really inheriting culture and who is doing a gimmick

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