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The first quarter of 2015 has passed, and paya doors and windows believes that only by understanding the macro trend of the market and consumer demand can enterprises succeed in the next 15 years

according to the statistical data of the first quarter of 2015, the overall sales performance was slightly better than that of the same period last year, but it was not very optimistic. In the current economic situation, if door and window enterprises want to keep up with the pace of market competition, they must improve their strength internally

first of all, it is an indisputable fact that the development speed of the door and window industry has slowed down. For this, many door and window enterprises are not "calm" about the realization. Some enterprise leaders said, "in such a market environment, how to develop an enterprise is a problem worth studying, because if you are not careful, it may be wiped out." In this case, it is particularly important for enterprises to cultivate calm "internal skills"

the relevant person in charge of Paiya doors and windows, the creator and guide of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, said: "in the next oneortwo years, the past high-speed growth trend will be difficult to reappear. At the same time, the weakening market situation also means that the industry is about to reshuffle. If door and window enterprises want not to be eliminated, they must cultivate 'internal skills' and deal with the changing external environment with a strong' unchanged '."

when it comes to how door and window enterprises should cultivate their internal skills, the person in charge of paya explained that they mainly focus on the direction of market development in order to expand the market

first, understand the national macro policies and take them as the guidance for enterprise upgrading and transformation. Taking "environmental protection" as an example, paya doors and windows also truly implements environmental protection in product production, including materials, production process, ex factory mode and installation. The person in charge of paya said that if each process is not environmentally friendly, it may affect the environmental performance of later products. Therefore, paya doors and windows strictly controls every production detail and carries out strict production strategies for the product process

secondly, enterprises should always put the needs of consumers in the first place when cultivating "internal skills". In the current aluminum alloy door and window market, the demand of consumers is the development direction of door and window enterprises. In the final analysis, a series of actions such as enterprise transformation, channel expansion and mode exploration are all changed by consumers

paya doors and windows understands that high-end consumers have high requirements for product quality, so paya doors and windows has always advocated quality, which is the best proof of high-end brands. Paya doors and windows introduces foreign advanced production equipment, such as the fully automatic mixing system adopts imported extruders and molds, and the profiles made are fine, uniform and high finish; Moreover, the raw materials of Paiya doors and windows are products of foreign well-known brands, which makes the physical and mechanical properties of their profiles far higher than the national standards, especially in the fillet strength and aging resistance; In addition, paya doors and windows also exclusively adopts the Italian Roddick door and window system. Its unique profile structure makes the products excellent in wind proof, waterproof, heat preservation and sound insulation. It is paya doors and windows that has been focusing on the R & D and production of high-end doors and windows, and its products have been deeply loved by high-end consumers. Even in the environment of slowing down the growth rate of the industry, it can still achieve sales performance without reduction but increase. Therefore, it is constantly imitated and learned by peers, which is also known as the phenomenon of "Paiya" by insiders

nowadays, enterprises that only know how to sell products will be eliminated by the door and window market sooner or later. Only by keeping up with market trends and consumer demand can they stand proudly in the brand competition




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