The plastic market in Qilu Chemical City has not s

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The plastic market in Qilu Chemical Industry City has not stabilized yet

yesterday was a free maintenance day. Qilu Chemical industry city continued to decline. In the morning, it quoted LLDPE 6000 yuan/ton, LDPE tn26 6150 yuan/ton, HDPE 6098 6150 yuan/ton, PVC 5900 yuan/ton and PP 6250 yuan/ton

Qilu Petrochemical's inventory has increased recently. According to the dealers, the buyout price for the chemical city is LDPE tn266100 yuan/ton, HDPE 60986100 yuan/ton and LLDPE 5850 yuan/ton. As the end of the month approaches, the price of Qilu Petrochemical may still be lowered in recent days. In order to meet the demand from automobile 1, the market price still has room to fall. It is necessary to often check the fastening status of the following parts

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