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Machinery industry: the expectation of policy relaxation is enhanced, and railway equipment and construction machinery continue to be recommended

investment view: the expectation of policy relaxation is enhanced, and railway equipment and construction machinery continue to be recommended

under the background of enhanced expectation of policy relaxation, a shares rose slightly this week. As of Friday's close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2373.44 points, up 1.71%; The Shenzhen composite index closed at 10145.80, and its core layer and foundation is the Internet of things, up 2.64%

On May 30, Wen Jiabao chaired an executive meeting of the State Council, which discussed and adopted the national strategic emerging industry development plan for the 12th Five Year Plan for all investment areas. Among them, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry should vigorously develop modern aviation equipment, satellite and application industries, improve the development level of advanced rail transit equipment, accelerate the development of marine engineering equipment, expand and strengthen intelligent manufacturing equipment, and promote the intelligent, precision and green development of manufacturing industry

we believe that although the market has certain expectations for the contents of the plan, the formal proposal of the plan has laid the foundation for the follow-up support policies, and the aerospace, rail transit and other high-end equipment manufacturing industries have benefited for a long time

pmi aluminum utilization gradually expanded data released on June 1 dropped to 50.4%, 2.9 percentage points lower than that of the previous month. Although seasonal factors amplified the decline, the data after the quarterly survey also fell by 1.3 percentage points compared with the previous month, reaching a new low this year. We believe that the manufacturing industry declined in May, and domestic and foreign demand fell at the same time. Under the background of maintaining growth, the expectation of further relaxation of follow-up policies is very clear. We are optimistic about the railway equipment and construction machinery industry benefiting from the relaxation of policies and the commencement of infrastructure construction

before, the market had different opinions about the future development of the railway industry to strive for the world's advanced aviation material supplier exhibition, not whether the railway should be built, but mainly where the money for the railway under construction came from. Now, more and more new information supports our previous benign judgment: the financing channels for railway construction are expanding (private funds, construction funds, financing tools), and the positive trend of actual financing is also very clear (short-term securities lending of 20billion, and banks' successive loans promote the increase of construction)

in addition, the construction of new lines such as intercity railway has also raised the expectations beyond the planning. We definitely recommend to buy railway equipment industry, CSR for the whole vehicle, and CNR for the equipment. We recommend to start a business in the north, Jinxi axle and Shidai new material

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