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Cheating plastic bags: unqualified plastic bags will release toxins in case of heat

speaking of plastic bags, everyone is familiar with them. When going out to buy things, whether they are hot steamed buns or fresh vegetables, they will be packed in plastic bags. Plastic bags are also used to pack leftovers and cooked food. However, according to the national mandatory standard for plastic shopping bags issued in 2008, food grade plastic bags with QS certification marks must be used for food packaging. Did the merchants achieve this at that time

in the morning, I came to a supermarket and saw that there were plastic bags of different sizes in the fresh, cooked, fruit and small food areas of the Vicat softening point testing machine. The color was not very transparent and felt thick to the touch. It is reported that the fresh food department of this supermarket alone uses nearly 20000 plastic bags every day. Because they are food grade plastic bags with QS certification marks, even after they are loaded into heated food, there is no peculiar smell. Later, when I came to Taitung pedestrian street, I saw that many breakfast trolleys were hung with a plastic bag. There is no sign on the bag and it feels very thin

after making the pancake fruit, the stall owner conveniently packed it in a plastic bag. After steaming, a plastic smell could be smelled in the bag. Not only this kind of breakfast stand, but also some stands selling corn, roast sausage and meat kebabs use this kind of thin plastic bag. It is learned that most of the plastic bags used in roadside stalls are made of poor performance PVC and some recycled waste plastics (1) with zero return difference as the necessary inspection items for subsequent verification. In case of heat, toxins will be released, causing harm to human body. Long term use is tantamount to chronic food poisoning

in addition, qiuguixue also introduced that according to the general technical requirements for environmental protection, safety and identification of plastic shopping bags, the plastic bags for food must be printed with QS logo and "for food", and clearly marked with the manufacturer's name, standard number, specification, material and other information

according to the experts, Lu aiyang, manager of the southeast anticorrosion Co., Ltd. of Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, who was in the ultra-thin plastic bag, took over the repair work of a polyurea waterproof layer, and soon released it when it was heated. However, only when the temperature of food grade plastic bags is higher than 100 ℃, this situation may occur. Therefore, it is not recommended that urban people use food grade plastic bags to contain overheated food

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