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The pollution discharge from Taiyang paper endangers the South-to-North Water Transfer Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau launched an investigation

if the excessive sewage is not treated, the water transferred from the South-to-North water to Beijing and Tianjin is the sewage that may cause cancer. Taiyang Paper Co., Ltd. (002078 quotation, Guba) the excessive sewage flows into Guangfu River and Nansihu Lake through Yangjia river. Nansihu Lake is on the east line of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project. On June 12, local farmers in Yanzhou told this newspaper

on June 13, Huaxia times learned from the publicity and education center of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau that in view of the excessive discharge of sewage by sun paper industry, what is more serious is that if the dust enters the hydraulic system, liufuchun, director of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, has personally instructed and established an investigation team headed by Zhang Bo, deputy director

Yanzhou people are looking forward to a reply on whether the investigation team headed by Zhang Bo can successfully urge sun paper to strengthen pollution control

deny pollution

on May 27 and 28, the newspaper spent two days, through on-site unannounced visits and investigations, collecting water samples on the spot, and combining with the materials provided by the informant, unannounced visits and investigations on the evidence of night sewage discharge of sun paper industry. On June 7, the Huaxia Times ran a newspaper under the title of "risk tracking by the private reporting team of solar paper's night pollution discharge"

after the article was published in the newspapers, it caused strong repercussions in Shandong. Yanzhou people, where sun paper is located, thanked this newspaper for telling the truth for them through multiple channels; The local environmental protection department also held an emergency meeting to study countermeasures

after reprinted in major stations, there were more than 3000 comments criticizing sun paper. Among them, quite a lot of support and criticism come from Yanzhou City, Shandong Province, where sun paper is located

On June 9, lijifei, deputy general manager of sun paper, told this newspaper in Jinan that the sewage outlet mentioned in your report is not our sun paper. He thought the report was untrue

so why are the sewage outlets mentioned in the report near the factory of sun paper and beside the sewage sedimentation tank? Expressed doubt

this needs to be explained by the environmental protection department. Lijifei told that the relevant leaders of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau had shown the pollution discharge standard certificate to sun paper on May 8

Ma Lei, deputy director of Yanzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, who rushed to Jinan with lijifei to communicate with this newspaper, said that they would organize force investigation immediately after they returned

Sun Paper claimed in the form of a board announcement that the media reports and the accusations of using the latest technology from the Internet were seriously inconsistent with the facts

On June 11, sun paper also issued a Clarification Announcement of Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "sun paper announcement") on its company website, denying pollution

according to the sun paper industry announcement, at present, the water consumption per ton of cultural paper of our company is less than 11 tons, the water consumption per ton of packaging board paper is less than 9 tons, and the water consumption per ton of coated paper is less than 5 tons, reaching the international advanced level; The better thickness of all discharged wastewater is 6.4mm (0.25 inch) qualitative cod (COD: refers to chemical oxygen demand or chemical oxygen demand (mg/l), which indicates the oxygen amount corresponding to the oxidant consumed by the reducing substance in 1 liter of water under the action of oxidant; The higher the COD value, the more serious the water pollution is). The COD value is mg/l and the chromaticity is about 30 times, which fully meets the requirements of the comprehensive discharge standard of water pollutants along the South-to-North Water Transfer Project in Shandong Province that the COD is less than 100mg/l and the chromaticity is less than 50 times. In July 2007, it passed the acceptance of the in-depth treatment project organized by Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, which is far lower than the current national standard of COD less than 450mg/l in the discharge standard of water pollutants for paper industry; Xinglong branch mainly uses commercial wood pulp to produce all kinds of high-grade cultural paper. The COD of all drainage has been less than 30mg/l, and has reached the class IV water body standard for surface water. The wastewater treatment level and effluent standard of sun paper industry have reached the advanced level of the industry

in this announcement, which states that the company and all members of the board of directors guarantee that the contents of the announcement are true, accurate and complete, and that the false records, misleading statements or major omissions in the announcement are negatively associated, sun paper has a positive attitude: the COD of all discharged wastewater is mg/l, and the color is about 30 times, It fully meets the requirements of the comprehensive discharge standard of water pollutants along the South-to-North Water Transfer Project in Shandong Province that the COD is less than 100 loading stable mg/l and the chromaticity is less than 50 times

on the second day after the announcement of sun paper, 21st Century Business Herald reported that the sewage discharge of Sun Paper exceeded the standard seriously and the sewage discharge was large at night. The test report issued by the national environmental analysis and testing center of the Ministry of environment entrusted by this media shows that the chemical oxygen demand (COD) of sewage discharged from two of the three sewage outlets of Sun Paper (the East Railway sewage outlet and the Sishui River sewage outlet of Jiuzhou Fangyuan living area in Yanzhou City) seriously exceeds the standard

On May 27, when this newspaper made its first unannounced visit, the Laofu River less than 20 meters wide was flowing with black sewage and emitting white foam, and the water in a deep well across a dike from the Laofu river became black water emitting white foam. The investigation found that the two main sewage outlets of Taiyang paper mill are on the Laofu river. When it gets dark, the sewage with white foam will flow out of the sewage pipe

on June 12, when this newspaper made another unannounced visit, the water quality of Laofu river had changed significantly, and the black water had turned black green

this statement has been confirmed by the farmers who collect wheat right by the river. He said: the water in the river is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes black, sometimes black red, like soy sauce

at 4:00 p.m., Huaxia times saw the sewage confluence under the railway bridge near Sun paper. There is a little blue sewage in the white, which flows along the ditch like thick milk. In the ditch under the railway bridge, it intersects with another stream of black and smelly water, which is mixed into dark sewage, filled with odor, and flows along the ditch

just two meters away from the sewage outfall under the railway bridge near Sun paper, there are traces of sewage left in the shallow ditch

farmers in the fields along the river say that these waters eventually flow into the Nansi Lake along the river and intersect with the well-known Weishan Lake in Shandong, becoming the water body on the east line of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project

jiangdaming, governor of Shandong Province, once publicly expressed his determination to save energy and reduce emissions: I will resign if energy conservation and emission reduction do not meet the standard. However, the cross flow of sewage directly threatens the safety of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project

On June 13, zhongfusheng, director of Shandong environmental protection publicity and education center, told this newspaper that it is impossible for us to show the standard certificate to sun paper. Liufuchun, director of environmental protection of Shandong Province, has made it clear that the investigation team will be arranged to go to Yanzhou for on-site office work. Once verified, it will be dealt with seriously

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