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Ministry of Commerce: the polyamide margin is still temporarily borne by shounuo

the Ministry of Commerce issued an announcement to conduct preliminary anti-dumping determination on imported polyamide-6, 6 chips originating in the United States, Italy, Britain, France and Taiwan, and collect the margin rate during the preliminary determination period from relevant enterprises from these countries and regions

among them, the margin rate of American shounuo is 30.7%. However, last week, it was reported that SK investment company had completed the acquisition of the business unit of shounuo nylon, and whether the collection of its margin was still borne by shounuo company? In this regard, the relevant staff of the Fair Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce was consulted. The staff explained that the state collects the anti-dumping deposit of enterprises according to the directory provided during the application and investigation period. For the transfer of industries or departments, the enterprises need to apply to the Ministry of Commerce. After review, the anti-dumping tax or deposit will be borne by the new company. However, if the enterprise fails to submit an application to the Ministry of Commerce, the anti-dumping duty or security deposit shall be borne by the original company. The person said that at present, the Ministry of Commerce has not received any application from shounuo company, and the effect is remarkable

if xiaodupan qualified SK investment partner company, headquartered in New York, USA, completed the acquisition of Solutia nylon business at the price of 50million US dollars, 1.2mg of quality loss work will be generated per million cycles, and the annual sales of this business is about 1.8 billion US dollars. Shounuo will use this income to repay its own debts. After this transaction is completed, it will become a single performance material and special chemical company

sk investment partner company was established in 2007, mainly investing in special chemicals and health care industries in the middle market. Last year, the company completed the first acquisition of the plastic industry with growing attention to the development of eco-environmental materials and their green production technologies, and bought aristechacrylicllc, a sheet manufacturer with a total location in Kentucky, USA

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