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There are still hidden dangers in the rectification of environmental protection. The policy guidance should be "sparse" rather than "blocked"

the rectification of the waste plastic market has frequently appeared in the market since 2mu15008. The atmosphere of 2013 Spring Festival with environmental protection labels has not passed. The rectified bullets first landed in Baoding Market, followed by Shandong, Anhui, Guangdong, Ningxia and other places; In the first ten days of August, Cixi market, which is famous for the production and processing of waste plastics, became more and more fierce. Meanwhile, Yuyao market, which also has a large concentration of waste plastics, was also doomed to be rectified. It will face rectification at the end of the month

according to Cixi report on August 19, as of the press day, the city has closed three illegal waste plastic trading markets, banned more than 830 illegal waste plastic production and processing households, demolished more than 900 three compartment electric meters and power units, demolished more than 18000 square meters of illegal waste plastic processing buildings, cleared and transported more than 27000 tons of waste plastic, confiscated 657 waste plastic vehicles, and detained 8 people. All 1532 illegal waste plastic production and processing households in the city have been shut down. According to zhuochuang's research, at present, 90% of the waste plastic manufacturers in Cixi market are basically shut down, and the remaining less than 10% are model manufacturers with sewage treatment capacity or a few factories operate privately. There are various signs that the trade in development model at the expense of the environment is at a dead end, the environmental protection rectification war in various regions is escalating, and the solid waste and peddler mobile stalls are facing a reshuffle

taking the solid waste and mobile vendors as an example, the sampling survey data show that 80% of the solid waste manufacturers have experienced or are undergoing strict investigation and rectification this year, more than 60% of the mobile vendors in the third and fourth tier cities are facing a reshuffle, while 50%-70% of the surveyed people reflect that the current rectification mode is rough, the one size fits all phenomenon is common, and there are hidden dangers of social problems such as employment and mass incidents. Take Cixi market as an example. According to Zhuo Chuang, the recent market rectification is gaining momentum. Special police and patrol cars can be seen everywhere. Public servants at all intersections are standing in rows to strictly investigate the entry and exit of waste plastics and the processing in the field; More operators reported that the power supply for dismantling the machine was basically normal; The manufacturer has a remarkable wait-and-see attitude when shutting down the equipment

in terms of imported materials, due to the strict investigation by the customs, the phenomenon of detention in Hong Kong is common. While the customs clearance fees such as detention fees are increasing, the loss of goods caused by inspection and unloading is also amazing. In addition, the loss caused by the dumping of goods after entering the port is even more unbearable to the operators. In addition, the review of approval documents is becoming more and more strict. The current situation that only more than 1700 manufacturers in China, that is, less than 10% of the manufacturers have import qualifications, has led to many manufacturers' dilemma, and some even abandoned goods. It is conceivable that their losses. Some market participants even ridiculed some manufacturers for their millions in the past. Today, they are poor and white to predict the future outcome

due to the inability to start construction, most of the enterprises are in a wait-and-see state, and there are many complaints about the one size fits all rectification. According to a friend in the market, the strict inspection of environmental protection is not opposed, but the direct zeroing is not very realistic under ordinary circumstances. More than 5000 waste plastic manufacturers are involved in several cases, and then stop data disposal for the employment and livelihood of 10000 people. There will also be a domino effect: market rectification, strict inspection of imports, and the enterprises reach a consensus on the lack of market supply expectations, Some operators even expect or will bring a wave of market; But so far, the market has not budged. Why? According to zhuochuang, while the market consolidation weakens the supply, it also hinders the procurement of many local downstream enterprises that have made their fortune by using recycled materials: due to the high procurement cost, the local downstream manufacturers do not want to see the thin profit space compressed again, while the product sales are poor and the procurement cost is high, which makes many downstream manufacturers very worried about the future market, Many downstream manufacturers choose to stop production or start work in a single intermittent manner

there is no doubt that if the market rectification is simply cleared or blindly banned, the livelihood of tens of thousands of people will become a problem. If the industrial problems caused by it turn into social problems, I believe this is not what we want to see. Zhuochuang believes that it is worth carrying forward the successful transformation of industries such as solid waste by taking advantage of the wind of environmental protection rectification, but rough rectification is difficult to cure the symptoms, and the transformation of industries such as solid waste has a long way to go, so policy guidance should be sparse rather than blocked

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