The polyester new material project of fuhuo Anhua

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Anhua group's Polyester new material project has entered the closing stage

it can add about 20million yuan per year. It is understood that Anhua group's Polyester new material project has a total investment of 566million yuan, with an annual output of 300000 tons of bottle level polyester new materials. At present, the civil engineering of the project has been basically completed, the equipment has been basically installed in place, and various constructions have entered the final stage. After the completion of the project, the annual average sales revenue will be 3.47 billion yuan, and the annual total profit and tax will be 277million yuan. It is of great significance to adjust the industrial structure, extend the industrial standard bus alcohol industrial chain for data and power transmission of coal to ethylene USB digital equipment, and fill the blank of bottle grade polyester products in Henan and surrounding areas

after the equipment is installed in place, our main task is to weld the pipeline. With the increase of the project quantity, the number of welders has increased from 20 to 70. At present, pipeline welding has completed 70% of the target tasks. The person in charge of site construction said

various construction projects are nearing the end, and the project construction has entered the final sprint stage. In order to speed up the construction progress, we will increase the number of construction workers from the existing 500 to 1000, arrange the construction period backwards, and deal with construction problems overnight. The construction of the project will be further strengthened and accelerated. It is expected to complete the capital construction in November, trial production in December and reach the production standard next year. Liuyunlou, assistant director of Anhua group polyester material factory, said with confidence

the group will also invest in the construction of phase II and phase III polyester new material projects. After all these projects are completed and put into operation, a polyester new material industrial park with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan and an area of 1300 Mu will be formed, with an annual output of 1.3 million tons, an average annual total output value of 15billion yuan and an average annual profit and tax of 1.8 billion yuan

to promote the construction of key projects, Wenfeng District strives to establish a long-term mechanism and promote the normalization of enterprise service work. We will actively promote the implementation of the special activities of entering enterprises, providing services and solving difficult problems, and strive to help enterprises solve practical problems in production and development, so as to achieve steady economic development. In terms of improving the service mechanism, combined with the actual situation, the task of all relevant departments in the zone was broken down, and a series of documents such as the implementation plan of enterprise service in Wenfeng District in 2013 were printed and issued to clarify the objectives, rewards and punishment measures

in the construction of service projects, this part of consumer demand shows rigidity. We should establish and improve the joint review and approval system, the agency service system and the commitment service system, so as to realize the one-stop and nanny service, and effectively promote the signing, landing, production and effectiveness of key construction projects. Since the beginning of this year, the main leaders of the district have taken the lead in going deep into the front-line on-site office of enterprises to provide services and solve problems for enterprises. They have also made a statement on the spot on the power supply, water supply and communication problems raised by Anhua group polyester material project, fangkuai Boiler Co., Ltd., Sipu Machinery Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, and coordinated relevant functional departments to solve them as soon as possible. Up to now, the district has solved 20 problems reflected by enterprises, with a completion rate of 100%

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