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How high can the plastic turnover boxes used in hardware tool factories be stacked

plastic turnover boxes are welcomed by manufacturers for their convenience and beauty. How many layers can they be stacked when used? Today, Li Wei will explain

how many layers of plastic turnover boxes can be stacked? Let's divide it into three points

1. According to the different measurement methods, it can be divided into "strain gage extensometer", "camera extensometer" and other practical uses.

that is, the plastic turnover box you buy is used there. For example, if it is used as a storage box in a warehouse, you can put several more layers, because it doesn't change much, and it doesn't matter if it is higher

if the plastic turnover box you buy is used for turnover in the warehouse, it should not exceed the height of people. Generally, girls are about 1.3m, while boys are about 1.5m

how to understand this

this means that for example, if you buy a 610 plastic turnover basket, its specification is 575*390*350. If there are many boys in the workshop, it can only be placed on five floors. If there are many girls, it is best to put on four floors, so that it is convenient for workers to use. Only when they are comfortable and happy can they produce the maximum benefit

2. Starting from the weight of the product

I believe you can understand this well, because if the product is light, you can put more layers. If the product is heavy, you can only put less layers. 1. If the product is light, it is better to take the upper one. 2. If the product is light, it does not require high boxes. You can put more layers

generally, the products of hardware factories are relatively heavy. How many layers are suitable

well, according to your box structure, for example, if you buy a small plastic parts box, it is about 10 floors, while if you buy a large box, it is about five floors. Remember that the weight bearing capacity at the bottom of the box is about 100 kg. It's too heavy. The bottom boxes are not good

how to understand this

Li Wei here compares it to the small boat we take when we go to the scenic spot. One boat can only take 4 to 5 people. If there are too many, he won't let us go, because there will be risks. The plastic turnover box is too high, so it's best not to put it, because the pressure is too great, and the box below is easy to break

III. starting from the use method

now the industry is more and more developed, and more and more tools are used in the production of the factory. Sometimes, in order to facilitate the turnover, we put the plastic turnover box and the products on the pallet, and then pull them from workshop a to workshop B, which greatly saves labor. Improved efficiency

however, we should pay attention when using plastic turnover boxes at this time. It is best to put two layers of large boxes and about five layers of small boxes, because the turnover boxes will shake when they move on the pallet. If the boxes are too high, it will be very dangerous if they are accidentally tipped. So it's better to be careful

of course, if the boxes and products are put on the vehicle together for external processing, the plastic turnover boxes with too few pallets are troublesome to handle. Here Li Wei reminds you that you can wrap wrapping film around the box to prevent it from falling off and tipping

in conclusion, the height of the plastic turnover boxes used in hardware factories should be combined with the actual situation. Generally, the small boxes are 8 floors and the large boxes are 5 floors. Do this

finally, the same plastic turnover box iron box Li Wei also summarized it into a few words:

small boxes play a big role, and all walks of life use me

it should be able to stack several layers high. Various uses are different when connecting the oil pipe, power supply and stopping the preliminary operation test after oil filling

understand the purpose and classify it in detail. Calculate the floor height and buy it

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