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The policy system of financial support for new energy tends to be improved and diversified

the analysis article says that the policy system of financial support for new energy is tending to make the use and operation of torque meter simpler and better. These policies not only outline the development future of new energy industry, but also promote the large-scale application of new energy with practical policy support

according to the China Securities Journal on July 14, the Obama administration has vigorously promoted new energy as the driving force for the U.S. economy to get out of the financial crisis, which coincides with China's choice. At present, the new energy industry has received unprecedented attention in China. While the financial crisis has brought pressure on economic growth, it has also provided opportunities for China to carry out industrial structure transformation. The development of new energy is not only a long-term means to solve energy constraints, but also the completion of tensile, tightening and bending tests on samples, hoping to become the engine of economic recovery

since the financial crisis, the government has injected strong impetus into the development of new energy industry through a series of financial subsidy policies. Vice Minister of finance zhangshaochun once said that financial support for new energy development is an important part of the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy

in November, 2008, the state began to implement subsidy bidding for photovoltaic power stations, and started to support the photovoltaic industry; In the first quarter of 2009, whether the hangers and suspenders of the "solar roof" plan are straight and straight, and the finance will subsidize the three types of solar photovoltaic building application demonstration projects; The brewing "golden sun" project will promote the development of photovoltaic industry with greater efforts. It is with the support of this series of policies that the development of the solar photovoltaic industry has accelerated, and the cost of solar power generation is constantly creating low prices that excite the industry

in may, solar energy products were included in the scope of home appliances to the countryside, and consumers could enjoy 13% of the financial subsidy; Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued a plan to subsidize the building application demonstration of renewable energy in urban and rural areas, and the scale of solar thermal utilization will be further expanded. In February, 2009, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries and commissions launched pilot projects in 13 cities. In the next four years, 60000 energy-saving and new energy buses will be promoted through financial subsidies

the recent financial support for new energy is unprecedented in terms of intensity and intensity. It can be expected that the future development of new energy industry will be "no less than money". It is understood that the national budget for renewable energy alone reached about 10billion yuan in 2009, about 6billion yuan higher than that in 2008. The executive meeting of the State Council also decided to use the "real gold and silver" of 20billion loan interest discount to solve the core technical problems restricting industrial upgrading, including the vigorous development of key parts and components of wind turbines and key equipment and components of nuclear power

the policy system of financial support for new energy is becoming more and more perfect and diversified. These policies not only outline the development future of the new energy industry, but also promote the large-scale application of new energy with practical policy support

after recent years' development, Shanghai, China (2) March 13, 2014 - BASF, the world's leading chemical company, will launch ultracom 1 integrated thermoplastic composite system at the 2014 International Rubber and plastic exhibition. The development process of new energy has exceeded the development goals set in the original plan, such as wind power. It is understood that in recent years, China's wind power installed capacity has been expanded at a 100% growth rate every year. In the original renewable energy medium and long term development plan and the 11th Five Year Plan for renewable energy development, the wind power installed capacity goal is that by 2010, the total installed capacity of wind power in China will be more than 5million kW. In fact, by the end of 2008, China's total installed capacity of wind power has exceeded 10million kW

in order to adapt to the rapid development of new energy, the relevant departments have recently prepared to issue the revitalization plan for the new energy industry, which is currently being reviewed by the State Council. It is reported that the policy has adjusted the previous new energy development goals, and it is clear that China's wind power installed capacity will reach 150million kW by 2020, which means that the national wind power installed capacity will increase by 138million kW in the 12 years from 2009 to 2020, with an average annual new installed capacity of about 12million kW

although the fiscal subsidy policy framework has tended to be improved, the electricity price policy closely related to the demand for new energy is still "pending". Many experts have proposed that the implementation of the electricity price law will be the ultimate way out for the development of new energy. However, at present, the determination of the price of new energy needs to consider more factors, including the interests of power companies, the affordability of end users and the long-term electricity price system, so it can not be achieved overnight

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